The new Italclean ironing drying machines have been built in order to meet the requirements of those customers who need to use their time in a profitable and efficient way. The calanders of the Italclean ironing division are the answer to the ever growing requirements for a machine which is able to assure high productivity and low operating costs at the same time, saving the available space in the workroom because of its small size. The machine is equipped with a new fixed plate which has a semi-cylindrical shape and is internally heated by gas burners, electric heating elements or a steam coil according to requirements. The conveyor belts used to make the laundry run in a perfect way over the outside surface of the machine are made of nomex of excellent quality and resistant to high temperatures. A comfortable and practical shelf built on the front of the machine is used to collect the laundry. These models, all working without pressure roller, are equipped with a continuous speed adjuster and with an automatic control of the temperature of the heating plate. The safety of the operator and of the environment are assured by a new safety device and an-up-to date suction circuit of the burnt gas and of the vapors produced during ironing.

Plate lenghtmm140016001850200025003200
Production per hourkg303537394356
Averange consumption per hour
Liquind - gaskg1.
methane - gaskg2.
Town gaskg3.94.555.46.58.8
Electricity /heating elements)kw999152121
Steam 8/10 atmkg---263040
Gas Heated modelkg250300360450580730
Electrically heated modelkg250300360610750900
Steam heated modelkg---6600800940